SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS,, p.slug, p.price, pt.description as text,

			-- i.image, 

			p.ref_num,, p.price_promo, p.created_at, pt.meta_description,, as publisher,, p.action, p.soon,, 

			pt.price as actual_price, p.most_sold

	     FROM products p

	     INNER JOIN products_text pt ON = pt.product_id AND pt.language_id = 1


	     INNER JOIN products_params pp ON pp.product_id =

	     INNER JOIN products_params_sizes pps ON = pps.param_id AND pps.quantity > 0

	     -- LEFT JOIN products_images i ON = i.page_id

	     LEFT JOIN pages_text pub ON p.publisher_id = pub.page_id AND pub.language_id = 1


	     WHERE p.status != 'deleted'



















	     GROUP BY

	     ORDER BY pc.order_id ASC

	     LIMIT 18 OFFSET 0


Unknown column 'pc.order_id' in 'order clause'

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